Review Takabb Anti - Cough Pill 五蜈蚣标止咳丸 (12 x 3g)

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  • Medical Functions: Coughs, Colds & Flu
  • Brand owned Unknown, Takabb Anti - Cough Pill 五蜈蚣标止咳丸 (12 x 3g) cheapest $12 sale since launch 14 item sold with 2 likes and reviews 4 unconfirmed store but due to warehouse is in Singapore so Feeship
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    • Release coughTakabb Anti - Cough Pill 五蜈蚣标止咳丸 (12 x 3g)
    • Refreshing and dissolve phlegm.

    Dosage :Takabb Anti - Cough Pill 五蜈蚣标止咳丸 (12 x 3g)
    • Allow 2-4 to pills to dissolve slowly in mouth when required 4 times daily.

    Other results of Takabb Anti - Cough Pill 五蜈蚣标止咳丸 (12 x 3g) exclude lazada & shopee

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