Review CNY 2023 Sleeveless Mandarin Collar Cotton Clothes Native

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  • Material: Cotton
  • Sleeve Length: arm over arm
  • Brand owned Unknown, CNY 2023 Sleeveless Mandarin Collar Cotton Clothes Native cheapest $19 sale since launch 6 item sold with 10 likes and reviews 0 unconfirmed store but due to warehouse is in Thailand so Feeship
    $19 $19
    Mandarin collar shirt with sleeves, cutting-edge sleeves, native cottonCNY 2023 Sleeveless Mandarin Collar Cotton Clothes Native
    Beautiful work, beautiful shape, suitable for modern style, children can wear, adults can wear, beautiful, simple work, chic, comfortable to wear. Wear it to work, it is super beautiful.

    It is a cut of arms, no arms, when wearing, it will show a little advanced arms, not much depending on the individual.CNY 2023 Sleeveless Mandarin Collar Cotton Clothes Native
    Consider the review before buying. The shop provides complete details. Please read and understand.
    Model is wearing a model wearing a model with a bust proportion 32 ”height 165-166 cm. Wearing a size 36”.
    Size: CNY 2023 Sleeveless Mandarin Collar Cotton Clothes Native
    Chest 36 inches, front length 21 inches, back length 26 inches, arm circumference 18 inches.
    Chest 38 inches, front length 22 inches, back length 27 inches, arm circumference 18 inches.
    Chest 40 inches, front length 23 inches, back length 28 inches, arm circumference 18 inches.CNY 2023 Sleeveless Mandarin Collar Cotton Clothes Native
    Chest 42 inches, front length 24 inches, back length 27 inches, arm circumference 19 inches.
    Color: Navy, Gray, Brown, Khaki, Green

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