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  • Material: Silver
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  • Brand owned Unknown, S925 Silver Vintage Qing Dynasty Five Emperors' Coins Ring Open Ring cheapest $2 sale since launch 225 item sold with 70 likes and reviews 89 unconfirmed store but due to warehouse is in Mainland China so Feeship
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    Jewelry care tipsS925 Silver Vintage Qing Dynasty Five Emperors' Coins Ring Open Ring
    Avoid collision, extrusion, deformation or scratching.
    Please don't wear it while sleeping, and keep it sealed when not wearing it.
    Avoid contact with chemicals: perfume, shower gel, moisturizer, etc.S925 Silver Vintage Qing Dynasty Five Emperors' Coins Ring Open Ring

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    标准银的印记是“S925”、“9·25”或“925”。. 我们所说的925银是国际上做银饰品的国际标准银。. 自从1851年蒂芬妮推出第一套含银量千分之925的银饰品后,925银便开始流行,所以1851年后在市面上的银饰都以925作为鉴定是否为纯银的标准。. 925银首饰经过抛光后呈现出极漂亮的 金属光泽 ,而且也具有了一定的硬度,能够镶 …


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